Spring on Walloon Lake: Prepare your home for sale

Walloon Lake home buyers expect more from a home. It has to have character, charm, but still be modern. From the moment the potential buyer drives up to your home it should be telling a story. Walloon Lake real estate for sale is not plentiful. Most families hold onto their property for generations but don’t let the scarcity of available homes allow you to show your home when it is anything less than its best.

Before a showing or tour of your home to a potential buyer be sure that the yard is tidied, the walks are clean of debris, and the porch furniture is picture perfect. Your yard, porch, and beach are the first and last things a buyer will see.

Inside your home or cottage make sure that it is not only orderly and clean but that anything cosmetic that is easily repairable is. Broken switches, dingy drywall, missing tiles in the bathroom etc should all be addressed as soon as you decide to put the home on the real estate market. Protecting your wealth means also getting the most amount of money from the sale of your home as possible. Even though these repairs are inexpensive if they aren’t done prior to tours it can cost you thousands.

Make sure you have a real estate broker or agent who understands what it takes to receive the best offers on your Walloon Lake home, cottage, or condo.