Spring on Lake Charlevoix: Prepare Your Yard for Sale

Winter hides so many messes! That clean white veil melts away and the muddy, dirty, leafy mess that was hidden all winter is exposed. This can be a real turn off for a potential buyer on a lakefront home on Lake Charlevoix where you are selling the lot just as much as the home. Getting the best deal for your Lake Charlevoix property means seeing the little and big things through the eyes of a home buyer.

Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your spring yard

  1. Rake up the mess. Collect the downed branches and leaves left behind by the winter storms. Go along your shoreline and rake the rocks that the ice pushed up back into the water.

  2. Trim shrubs. Was winter harsh on your shrubbery? Now is the time to trim up.

  3. Power wash your walkways. If the walkway looks clean and tidy it sets the stage of expectation for the potential home buyer.

  4. Wash your windows inside and out. Make sure your lake view shines from every window.

  5. Spruce up your mailbox. Did the plow do a number on your postbox? Consider a fresh coat of paint or a new one.

Attention to detail can help sell your waterfront Lake Charlevoix home faster and for more money.