Quiet on Lake Charlevoix : A cold snap!

Brrrr! Wow, well we are definitely experiencing the January cold snap this week on Lake Charlevoix. When the weather turns like this the real estate office slows down a bit and we spend some time organizing our desks, working on our real estate databases, and finding time to meditate.

Personally, I feel that taking time out to reflect on oneself is vital to success. During meditation or quieter exercise I find that the best ideas come up to the surface. The calm allows my brain to organize, categorize, and create new plans. Of course, there are the sessions where the goal is complete quiet both inside and out. During a cold week like this that goal is easier to accomplish.

When was the last time you stood in your home admiring your favorite view from the house and just enjoyed it for what it is? I highly recommend doing this once in a while. It helps to ground you in your space. Greet your surroundings and invite the calm into yourself.

Signing off for today to go and sit in the quiet. See you on the other side of the cold snap!