Protecting Your Lake Charlevoix Yard From Deer

Protecting your Lake Charlevoix yard from deer destruction during the winter starts in the fall. In real estate I often see decimated shrubbery on property tours every spring that could easily have been avoided.

A combination of smart pruning, scent deterrents, and plant wrapping can prevent a majority of the injurious winter nibbling. Make sure that if you have a gardening staff that they begin to care for your winter needs as soon as the temperatures begin to change.

If you are more of a DIY gardener you will need to wrap your tasty shrubs with burlap. Make sure you prune what can be pruned as hard as you can to keep the shoots from being grazed on over the winter. During the fall make sure you don’t fall behind on scent sprays to keep the nibblers away. For more details follow this link.