Listing Your Lake Charlevoix Home For Sale: How To Prepare

So you have made the decision to sell your Lake Charlevoix home and even though there is heavy snow outside in a few weeks that will begin to melt and the real estate selling season in Northern Michigan will be under way. Your first step should be to find your agent and have them do a market analysis. Lakefront homes require expert data gathering and access to the previous 3 years of sales data. After all selling your Lake Charlevoix lakefront home is a big decision and market accurate pricing is paramount.

After choosing your Real Estate Broker to list your Lake Charlevoix Home for sale and gathering your market analysis it will be time to get your home ready.

Top 5 Ways To Prepare To List Your Home For Sale

  1. Declutter: Take a look around and if it isn’t necessary for daily living or aesthetically pleasing consider placing extraneous belongings into storage.

  2. Clean up the yard: Make sure your bushes, trees and perennial gardens are tidied.

  3. Repair your dock: If you dock is looking a little dirty or has a few loose boards now is the time to powerwash and replace decking. Make sure the boat lift canvas is clean too.

  4. Powerwash your deck furniture and replace any ratty cushions. A beach home is selling the outdoor amenities just as much if not more than the interior. You want your buyer to take a look outside and imagine themselves watching the water.

  5. Touch up paint: If you have walls that have been scuffed or cabinets that have been dinged now is the time to polish and paint.