Interior Design Trends in Michigan Real Estate 2019

Selling real estate on Lake Charlevoix is intense and means that I need to stay on top of not only real estate rules and laws but also how to get my clients the most out of every real estate transaction. Interior design is a changing thing like life is. As our needs change so too does our home. We add rooms, change flooring, and change schemes to fit our family and entertainment needs. In Northern Michigan interior design trends in real estate in 2019 are varied and classic. If you are looking to get top dollar for your luxury home in 2019 staging your home is paramount and being on trend is part of the strategy.

Here are the top 5 design trends for 2019 in Northern Michigan Luxury Homes

  1. Warmer kitchens: the stark white of quartz counters and brushed steel is going the way of avocado green kitchens. The new look coming forward is warmer counters with natural metal tones to accent.

  2. Lighter wood floors. The impracticality of a dark floor in real life has finally made way for the practical and classic lighter oak and maple wood floor. Imagine all that sand on your cherry floors? Exactly, the change is great for beach homes on Lake Charlevoix.

  3. Jewel toned artwork. Keeping the interior simpler but with pops of jewel tones will help make your home speak to a buyer.

  4. Statement wallpaper walls are fading out of style again. I for one am a little relieved to see this trend pass as it is often a hard hurdle for a buyer to overcome.

  5. Lighting fixtures and lampshades made out of sustainable and obviously natural products. This provides the home with a warmer light quality.

Overall, this year looks like the year of “less is more” and “natural over contrived.” Luxury real estate in Northern Michigan has it’s own aesthetic and it’s important to let your home shine in the backdrop you have: lakes, trees, wildlife, and fun!