Fat Tire Biking From The Back Door of My Michigan Home

Northern Michigan is known for its biking culture and until a few years ago it was a short season. But, with the advent of Fat Tire bikes avid mountain bikers now have 12 months to trail ride in Northern Michigan. If you are lucky you live right on a biking trail. A lot of my real estate clients are looking for homes with pole barns or garages large enough to store and work on their outdoor toys. Bike repair stations are now becoming a sought after amenity in many luxury homes.

Some days the urge to go out in the snow isn’t the urge to ski or snowshoe and I crave a ride! Fat tire biking is an endurance sport. Just ask anybody who has ever tried. The muscle needed to move a heavy bike through snow is intense. But I love the intensity, the loss of worries as my only concern is getting through this trail faster than I did the last time.

For further reading I suggest https://www.icebike.org/fat-tire-bike/

If you want to try fat tire riding check out the rental program at Boyne Mountain

Two men on fat-bikes ride in winter forest