Sailing Lake Charlevoix : Possibilities

Living on Lake Charlevoix as a boy I developed a deep love of sailing. The waters of Lake Charlevoix invite big lake activities. With access to Lake Michigan through Round Lake your sailing adventures can stay on the little lake or take you out into the big waters and into the rest of the world if you want. That is maybe what attracted me so much and still does about sailing on Lake Charlevoix: the possibilities.

I like to think about the water in Lake Charlevoix being the same water that is in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Superior, Eerie, Lake Ontario and then into the Atlantic and beyond. That is what I love about real estate too. The possibilities. Imagine what kind of life can be lived in a home on the lake? What would parties, weddings, grandchildren on the beach feel like?

Every home and piece of land I show and sell has a life it’s ready to give to it’s new owners. Like stepping into the lake, no piece of land is the same just as no wave is the same. Navigating the lake and the business world are for me connected because both are connected to lake living in Northern Michigan.